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Happy Holidays everyone! It’s time for the Christmas Update!

We’ve got a variety of new features and new items available starting today! Our spawns will be converting to a more festive theme in the upcoming days but until then enjoy these new limited edition holiday features


Although we’re a little early for Santa’s big delivery, he always is looking for milk and cookies! Using /kit Christmas, bring Santa some milk and cookies in spawn and he might just reward the entire server with gifts!

Christmas Presents

Now available on the store is Christmas Presents. Similar to lucky blocks, just place one down and receive a random high tier gift! These can be purchased in packages on Skyblock End and Factions Arctic! We will also be giving 1 present to every player who joins on Christmas so that everyone can have a chance to experience them


Island Snow

For a limited time, we wanted to allow everyone to enjoy the Winter feeling on their islands! Just type /is snow to enable a snowfall on your island. If you would like to disable it simply type /is snow again

Now for the best part.... The giveaways!

We will be giving away

  • 3x Vortex Ranks
  • 3x Permanent Kit Frosty
  • 3x 5 Packs of Presents

All all of these giveaway winners will be selected on December 25th!

We hope everyone enjoys their holidays!
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