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Let's clarify the rules shall we?

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IGN: Knothing
Gang: AntiBoosting

The gang "Infamous" had been taking the outpost owned by us, AntiBoosting and we went to fight to keep it. Initially, it was a 4v4 between "AntiBoosting" and "Infamous". After about 10 minutes of non stop fighting a gang by the name of "Unfamous" ironically shows up and begins to help "Infamous" by attacking
"AntiBoosting". After we had all died, "Unfamous" proceeded to leave the outpost and "Infamous" claimed it. According to the rule below, "Using multiple gangs of cells in an attempt to boost or gain advantage over other players is not permitted". So as we are now in a fight against "Infamous" and "Unfamous" one of our members by the name of FingerBlasta is frozen. Coincidentally his Minecraft had crashed leaving him frozen in a "combat log". Although he was not in a combat log, he had no combat timer which means it is legal for him to log out. While I was right next to FingerBlasta I witnessed him get frozen by the staff and the person I was fighting "Dragondx64", decided to go over and attack him while frozen which put him into a combat timer. At the time FingerBlasta had crashed he had no timer but shortly after had been attacked giving him a timer in which staff member "OGStaticPanda" went ahead and banned him for combat logging.


As almost every single player on this server knows, there are 2 outposts, "Sell" and "Token". It is well pronounced that these outposts give a significant advantage in game as they boost the total amount of money and tokens you can make. According to the rule above "If caught using alt gangs/cells to gain an unfair advantage will result in all parties being disqualified for the week". To my understanding, the outposts give an in game advantage, and to take that outposts, both gangs "Infamous" and "Unfamous" teamed up to attack "AntiBoosting". To my knowledge this is an "Alt Gang" and they were used to gain an unfair advantage over "AntiBoosting" at the outpost yet no punishment has been enforced.

I ask that the staff thoroughly investigate this event and take it seriously. As we all know, the server sends out Paypal as a reward for the top players among the realm weekly and this event violates this rule.

I would also like to add this ss that I captured of "Unfamous" gang, god forbid something happen to it.



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