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Announcement Lucky Blocks, Envoys and more!


Server Manager
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Hello everyone!

It's time for another content update! This update is a little smaller than usual but that is because we have big things planned for next week so stay tuned :)

Lucky Blocks

Now available on Skyblock are luckyblocks! place one down and break it to receive rewards!

Now on factions and soon to be released on cloud, crate envoys will drop from the sky around warzone and various other locations!

now available to players is a redone and customized /help that will change depending on what server you are on.


Permissions Notes
Now when winning any permissions based reward in game you will receive it in note form, this means you can now share your rewards with your friends or use them in trade!

As well as the major improvements, we have also been adding patches to fix other bugs
  • Discord Bot syncing is now instantaneous
  • Item Seal has been fixed
  • Certain crate rewards will now be broadcasted
  • Disguises are now auto disabled every time you enter combat.
  • You can no longer ride pets that fly
  • "250 Use" Lightning wands are now not infinite
  • A patch has been added to stop you from winning a lower island expansion on cloud
  • Bow boosting is now actually fixed
  • All crates / lucky blocks / scratch cards & everything else now use permission notes for rewards
We will see you soon for more ;)