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Staff member
IGN: Malibupvp

Reason for ban: no idea (Ban Hammer has spoken)

Staff IGN: Brale

Reasoning: I was a helper on the server and believed someone was cheating in game. He was chat spamming and using vulgar language and I proceeded to kick him. I then left the server and was banned when I came back later that day. This was the first ever action I made as a staff member and ended up getting banned for it. I have donated a lot of money to this server and believe that I was wrongly banned.
This is up to Cam not Brale. You were banned for showing a bad image on the staff team. Not only did you bluntly accuse another of hacking with no proof. You decided to rage quit when you couldn’t do anything about it and got harassed for it. You instantly left everything which shows staff will quit over anything. Something we don’t need on our Server.
Not open for further replies.