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My faction and I have been talking about what we would want to see on vortex. It would be amazing if the old map was a thing again or even if yall revamped it, or even the "hobo chest." I want to see the old /warp pvp which would bring you to the old sand pvp zone. We would love to see the old ranks. Or even just getting rid of the Rank moon, and replacing it with the different colored VORTEX rank. We love to see 3 tick/auto cannons removed... That ruins the whole fun of raiding. Something I wish for but probably wont happen is if yall added a wider border map size. We would love to see no custom enchants, everyone including myself agree on no CE because we miss how OLD vortex had regular pot pvp.
Other than that I love the server, other than 1 staff member. But if Charles or Averaged wants to msg me, dm me on discord and we can talk about that.