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My thoughts on the new prison server


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My Initial Thoughts on the NEW Prison Plasma
Hello, everybody,

This may be a very negative post to some people,but I am really wanting to give my opinion on the matter.

I am wanting to share my overall thoughts on the new prison server that was released last Friday. Let me first start out by saying this was by far not the best prison server I have seen in fact really far from it if I am being honest. As a player who's played on vortex for at least 5 years or so and originally joined vortex to play prison I have to say this NEW prison server was a bit of disappointment for me and some others I have talked to. Many many players including myself were looking forward to this being released for the longest time and this is what we get? A prison server that is so easy to "beat" to where players including myself want to quit not even a week into the map because of how unbalanced the game play is. Are you kidding me? That is not what many players thought how this new prison would be. This NEW prison server is nothing like what prison on vortex used to be in the past in fact VERY FAR from it. When I logged on to Prison Plasma for the first time on Sunday I was immediately notified of how easily it is to prestige and some players telling me that it's awful. In fact one player told me someone reached over Prestige 100 in less than 24 hours after the map was released. I thought are you kidding me? It is unacceptable that someone could get to that prestige in less than 24 hours after release as in prison maps before you actually had to grind for more than 2 days to rank up to certain ranks even with donator ranks and now it's almost like you can do it instantly if you have a donator rank. Very disappointed with that as well as many numerous things about this New Prison. Another thing I was disappointed with was cells. Don't want to get into too much detail about cells,but let me just say they were not good.

Let me just share a list of my thoughts on Prison Plasma;

- By far one of the worst prison servers I have seen as far as game play balance and other things go
- Unacceptable that players can prestige to high prestige ranks very quickly

- Cells are so small and unusable
- This server is nothing like what prison used to be like on vortex
- Very disappointed with the overall outcome of the server after being excited for months that prison was coming back

This was a post to just state my opinion on the matter. As a player who's played vortex for this long I am very disappointed with the results of the new release.


I agree, i joined yesterday for the first time and im already prestige 50, its kinda unbalanced
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