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Hey everyone,

We have upgraded our forums to XenForo 2.0! We have a brand new custom forum theme releasing sometime in the coming weeks but for now, we have a customized version of UI.X 2.0 on.

We have some new add-ons for you to enjoy including:
- Profile Covers
- Content Ratings
and no more spam bots!

If you notice any issues please reply to this thread so we can get them fixed.

:eek: We have another announcement regarding the factions reset coming within the next few days so stay tuned!

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We had to upgrade so the new theme could be developed using XenForo 2.
To be honest with you xenforo 2 isn’t much of an improvement over the original xenforo and actually has way more backend capabilities and permission bypasses, basically an aesthetic update for them. They spent 2 years hyping this up and developing it only for it to flop, Xen 12.1 still the best version to date.
Just noticed a bug ish - Voting tab has dummy text still on there for the description, also staff tab only shows Owner rank. Staff who have ranks on the forums have oddly placed staff tags ? [Helper] Staff member [Galaxy] staff member —- for example when they have a donor rank as well.