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I was sitting at my computer, chat off, mining for cobblestone when bam. Banned and couldn't figure out why. I check the ban list and it says "Automated task". I wasn't automated? I can provide proof there was no automation by ssing with a staff if necessary but I play with chat off unless I'm asking a question or communicating for in game items. I play with my fiance and she can confirm this. I would like a reconsideration of this unfair ban. Thanks for your time and consideration. Lemons was the one who allegedly banned me and would like to speak with him if necessary/possible. I have been a long time player on Vortex and seems rather unfair I'm banned without a cause. I've always been a dedicated player to Vortex and would not like that to end over a misunderstanding. Thanks.


Could you please make a ticket on discord?

Go in the channel bot_commands and type !new appeal

Thank you.