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Announcement November Monthly Crate + October Voters


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Hello everyone,


Thank you to everyone who was online for the Arctic launch we hit a combined player count of over 1.2k players across the networks!


The monthly crate for November have now been released! we've added new rewards and removed the less useful items

Monthly Crates - November
Cloud -

Arctic -

October Votes + Raffle Draw
We have decided to bring back the raffle draw for Vortex Rank at the end of every month. Congratulations to the following players for reaching 75 votes this month!

  • 0Nikos
  • aykaytee
  • wilsonYTB
  • Colorified
  • GeneralPizzaa
  • STAVROSgreece
  • xRqbin
  • Bubba_Zanettie2
  • A2000
  • DragonStar1
  • xPimmie
  • Bubba_Zanettie
  • eRBeats
  • SushiRay
  • Apeal
  • LieutenantPizza
  • ActualPizza
  • HaroldFinch
  • RedPwndaa
  • Cargil
  • K_Miner99
  • CookieMonster192
  • darkipoo
  • AstralDoggo

Type /mail read in-game to claim your voucher.

Finally, congratulations to "K_Miner99" for winning the raffle draw for vortex rank! Please contact me me on discord @ Cam ツ#9844 to receive your Vortex rank note!

Thank you to everyone who continues to support the server!
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