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Old VortexPVP From 2013 - Getnerded's Base


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Many years ago, one of the Getnerded factions members somehow got an entire world save file of a Vortex Factions map. I still have the file and I have some old coordinates for bases from that time and I wanted to show them off to show what factions looked like from that era.

This is Getnerded's base. They were the top faction on the server at the time:

For those who have read my factions nostalgia thread (Link here: you know that I'm trying to being factions back to an older, simpler time. This is very much the era I'm trying to emulate and I just to give a visual representation as to what that looked like.


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Those where the days :') Bring back the old rank names! :D Like you said there was only 30-40 active players and there was proper enemies everyone wanted to raid everyone it was sick. Simpler times :c