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Announcement Pets, Disguises, Emotes & More!


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Hello everyone!

We have spent the past week looking into what you guys have been telling us needed improvements and finding new content we can introduce to the server. Stay tuned for more ;)

You might have noticed if you previously owned pets that you were once again able to use them this week. We released them back to everyone who had purchased them and have sorted out the issues with them. Pets, Disguises & Emotes are now all available and work on ALL servers on the network




Scratch Cards
After seeing the complaints about scratch card rewards, we have buff'd all the rewards considerably and reworked how the cards worked. As well as winning rewards you can win multipliers and win upto 5x of one reward

All bugs with the lottery should now be completely fixed. We've also introduced a help menu and the ability to see how much money is in each prize pool

We've now released the boosters that we had on Comet to Cloud

Along with our other updates we've now redone the AdShop to include the new content we've released

As well as the major improvements, we have also been adding patches to fix other bugs

  • Hopper Transfer rate has been increased
  • Stacked Spawners should now have faster rates on cloud
  • Printer should now work without issue no matter what version you chose to use
  • Players should now see a 5 - 10 ms reduction in ping
  • Now when opening a crate key closing the menu will bring you back to the main crate menu
  • Now when donating, your package should arrive within the first 5 seconds.
We will see you soon for more ;)
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Now that printer is fixed let's remove it and make skyblock fun and actually take time and skill again
theres no skill in skyblock its just who grinds farms the most and places the most only skill there can be is knowing what farm is good and isn't lol removing printer wont do anything but make everything just smaller scale