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Make mines reset quicker. 15 minutes, and 30 minutes for mine resets are way too long when some players have pickaxes that mine in 5x5, 7x7, and bigger. Even if a mine is 50% empty, the blocks may be scattered and very annoying to mine. Making the mine reset times, especially for Z, P1 - P5, and the donor rank mines like 2 minutes will help a bunch. I had an op prison server for a while and I can remember specifically that with the PrisonMine plugin (Which I'm pretty sure this server uses), reset times don't contribute much to server lag, unless it is something stupid like 10 seconds between resets. Or make it so that after 10% to 15% is mined it resets. It helps so much having a clean mine to mine in.

I am sure that any other player can vouch for me with this.


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As it stands im not sure if it has been changed. mines reset at 20%. but in my opinion it should be lowered slightly cause sometimes it can be annoying