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My suggestion is really simple and it's for the next season of prison that is coming this Saturday. My idea is that we change the mine bombs.

It seems like a nice update! Although the mine bombs will still be useless. It just ruins the mine and after using the bombs it will make it harder to mine stuff, It is better if you make a trader that traders x bombs to a multiplier or an auto sell.

Why it's still useless:

The mines will be destroyed after using it and it will only make it harder too mine
That's not worth the 1x multiplier
makes it harder to get the mine to reset

For example:
10 Nova bombs = 1.2 multiplier for X time.

Or we could also change the mine bombs to something totally different:

An item that gives you an explosion boost for 1 minute
An item that gives you a fortune boost for 1 minute
An item that gives you an efficiency boost for 1 minute

This would be much better since the mine bombs are annoying things that ruin an entire mine and it definitely destroys the mines on a higher level since you mine from top 2 bottoms and from bottom to top if a bomb destroys the mine there would be no point of mining with structure.

For example:

Someones is mining at /warp p1 and another person comes with some nova bombs, it can and will destroy the entire point of mining with structure. The players earn less because there was a huge hole made in the mine which is now lost time and space. The mine gets harder to reset cause you can't really follow your track to get it to 25% and after the use of such a bomb you'd better go to a normal mine and just don't care about the multiplier that a prestige mine gives you​