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Right, my suggestion comes from the old map. It refers to the rewards you get for voting. Everytime someone voted they were given a vote crate key which they could sell or use to get items from the 'vote crate'. The second thing is when the server reached its voting goal (150/150) the server was given either a rare crate key, a very rare crate key or a mythical crate key. Mythical crate key being the best. I don't know the actual order so you could change the names to suit the servers 'space' genre. I also feel the vote total should be reduced to 100-125 as there are many bots on and there are only 3 voting sites. These new voting rewards make a difference from the 5 launch pads I received and I feel would benefit the server and allow it to continue to develop as more people would be motivated to vote therefore much more people will find out about this iconic server.

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The reason why the voting rewards were changed was because it was too overpowered to begin with. I agree that there should be better rewards like more tokens for example but adding a key wont happen. With the vote party that vastly needs a improvement, a key would suffice for the vote party not 500mil or xp bottles cause it makes voting a tad useless