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Vortex Revamp Trailer

Hey everyone!

It’s here! We are excited to release the trailer for the upcoming revamp today!

Anyone who reuploads our trailer on to their YouTube channel will receive the rewards listed below. The rewards vary based on the amount of subscribers your channel has and you must use the provided video title, description and tags we have provided below. Link your reupload in the comments below and you will receive your rewards once the server releases on Saturday. You can download the trailer at

I have attached a download link and instructions on how to reupload the trailer below.

0-50 subscribers: 1 Unique Key
50-150 subscribers: 1 Elite Key
150-300 subscribers: 2 Unique Keys + 1 Elite Key
300-350 subscribers: 3 Unique Keys + 2 Elite Keys
500+ subscribers: 4 Unique Keys + 3 Elite Keys

VortexPvP Revamp - Saturday 28th July!

Releases Saturday 28th July at 5PM EDT / 2PM PDT / 10PM BST!

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