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Skyblock Cloud | Cosmetics, Toxic Enchantment, Space Coins, Aliens, + more!

Hey everyone,

It's time for our second weekly content update! We're working hard as always to deliver fun and exciting expansions to the server every week, in an effort to keep things fresh. As a reminder, island top payouts will be taken tomorrow on Saturday, May 10th. Check your standings with /is top or the #cloud-top Discord channel, and try to contest the top! Best of luck.

Update Details
With this update, we're introducing several quality of life updates, a new form of cosmetics, a new enchantment, and several updates to our Store.

Introducing a new central place to keep track of all of your cosmetics, /cosmetics. Keep track of Disguises, Trails, Pets, and Sprays.

With the introduction of this menu, we're introducing two new types of cosmetics. Trails, and Sprays. Trails are particles that follow you around where you go, while Sprays are visuals that you can display in front of other players to show off.

We're really excited on steps we can take to expand on both of these, with many more exclusive, seasonal cosmetics coming in the near future.

Sprays will last 3 seconds upon activation, with a 10 second cooldown. They are available globally and can be used in any area.

Our first 9 Sprays and 9 Trails will be released as a bundle, available on our Store here. The bundle includes the following:
  • VortexPvP Logo Spray
  • Rocket Emoji Spray
  • Cloud Emoji Spray
  • Thinking Emoji Spray
  • Angry Emoji Spray
  • Poop Emoji Spray
  • Heart Emoji Spray
  • Thumbs Up Emoji Spray
  • Fire Emoji Spray
  • Sparks Trail
  • Hearts Trail
  • Steam Trail
  • Water Trail
  • Lava Trail
  • Music Trail
  • Fire Trail
  • Enchantment Trail
  • Portal Trail
We'll be releasing cosmetics bundled together in packs similar to this over the next few updates. While some bundles will last, certain ones will only be there for that week (a timer will indicate how long you have before it is removed from the Store).
Toxic Enchantment
A brand new PvP enchantment has arrived for those hardcore warriors. We're introducing a new legendary enchantment called Toxic, with two tiers. When equipped on a weapon, the person killed by that weapon will have a chance to have a Skull Emoji Spray displayed in front of them as a taunt. Additionally, coming next week, anyone with this enchantment will also receive a death sign from the player they killed, marking that you killed them, the date, and how they died, which can be placed on your island as a boast. The chances are as follows:

Tier 1 - 0.15% chance to launch a taunt
Tier 2 - 0.25% chance to launch a taunt
Tier 3 (Coming Soon) - 0.50% chance to launch a taunt + guaranteed death sign from other player

Space Coins Items & Withdraw Command
With this update, we're adding Boosters to the space coins store. We'll be adding new items each and every week, as well as transitioning certain items out. Take advantage of flash deals in this shop that are otherwise only available through crates or our store.

As a reminder, you can access the space coins shop by typing /spacecoins, and you can win extra space coins by enchanting your weapon with the new Mob Magnet enchantment.

Additionally, we've added the much requested /spacecoins withdraw [amount] command. You can now freely withdraw and trade with other players with this new currency.

I've included the description from last week's content update for more information regarding the enchantment:

Mob Magnet Enchantment
With the introduction of Space Coins, we're also adding a new custom enchantment called Mob Magnet. Mob Magnet can be used on Swords, Axes, and Bows to increase the chances of dropping space coins. This enchantment will be available exclusively in the Tier 2 Monthly Crate, and May Monthly Kit. We're introducing three tiers of this new legendary enchantment with this update, with the rates subject to change after player testing:
  • Tier 1 - 1.25x higher chance of winning space coins
  • Tier 2 - 1.50x higher chance of winning space coins
  • Tier 3 - 1.75x higher chance of winning space coins
Store & Aliens
In an effort to further simplify the store, we're combining more categories and packages.

First and foremost, Aliens were overpriced. We've dropped the price of these considerably, and have added a bundle option where you can purchase both an Alien and an Alien Upgrade item together. The first 10 people to use code ALIEN-10 on our Store at checkout will get an additional 20% off of your purchase of anything in the Alien store section.

Additionally, over the course of the next week, we're going to be removing certain packages and categories, and instead simplifying them into a bundle with more to offer at a cheaper price. You can expect to see this happen to Boosters, Kits, and Commands, more news on this to follow in the coming weeks.

Bug Fixes and Additions
Every week will obviously have a series of bug fixes, with these being the ones in final testing/have been deployed:
  • Added a revamped /settings GUI to make way for future settings options
  • Added new, much requested blocks to /printer
    • All Slabs
    • All Trap Doors
    • All Fences
    • All Stairs
    • All Glass Panes
    • All Stained Glass Panes
    • Cobblestone fences
    • Torches
    • All Planks
    • All Carpet
    • Clay pots
  • Added /spacecoins withdraw
  • Fixed Discord rank syncing (/syncdiscord)
  • Fixed enchantment scrolls not properly working
  • Fixed /crates send command not properly working
  • Added more items to the Space Coins shop
  • Fixed /adshop command not properly working
  • Added Alien Bundle
  • Added Cosmetics Pack #1 Bundle
  • Added Toxic Enchantment
  • Added Trails
  • Added Sprays
  • Added new cosmetics menu
We hope you appreciate and enjoy these content updates as much as we do making them. We're constantly going to push the boundaries for expansion of our gamemodes, with so much already on the roadmap for future updates. Factions news is coming very shortly, we can't wait for a thrilling season!

Best Regards,


I would really really like to see something like a block chest come out since I know you guys can't make a higher hopper upgrade (for tps reasons) a block chest would limit hoppers and people wouldn't even need a 10k note ~Iamkoala
I'd like to see a block chest where there can fit an x amount of blocks so hoppers won't be needed as much and TPS would be better asswell blockchests should be able to buy in /shop for 1mil each and can hold up to 25k blocks ~duckie3000