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Hello everyone!

I am happy to announce the introduction of Skyblock End!

Along with our recent rebranding of factions Arctic, we’ve decided to roll out a brand new theme for our skyblock server as well. I’ve included some of the most important changes as well as the minor improvements

Previous IS Top winners
  • Sir_S_Knight - 11519200
  • Bubba_Zanettie - 6003201
  • WDYW - 4257790


We will be running a new IS TOP Reward system that allows us to reward more players! Starting on the first Saturday at 6pm EST a snapshot of the top 5 Islands will be taken.
#1 - $75 Voucher
#2 - $50 Voucher
#3 - $35 Voucher
#4 - $20 Voucher
#5 - $10 Voucher

What will reset
  • Current map ( Your island )
  • Player inventories, enderchests, private vaults
  • Island Upgrades
  • Player balance
  • McMMO

What will NOT reset
  • Player donator ranks
  • Player kits
  • Player current vote
  • Island size
  • Hopper Upgrades

Recoded Generators
We’ve completely recoded our generators from the ground up, now with better customization and optimization on our end to give them a better worth ingame and make them more valuable!

Fishing and Mining rewards
Just like with factions, we’re introducing mining rewards and fishing rewards. Now while mining or fishing you will gain occasional rewards

Custom drop Guardian Spawners
Introducing Guardian Spawners, these spawners will cost 4 million each and drop high tier items like emeralds, diamonds and other blocks to help level up your island!

Island fast place
We will be adding a fast place mode to the store! When purchasing this, you will be given access to the command /fp [amount]. This will allow you to toggle this on and off to place your blocks quicker to gain more island levels!

* Please note anything in here is subject to change.
Other Changes
  • Complete restructure of all reward systems ( lucky blocks, crates, envoys, scratch cards )
  • Complete Redone economy
  • Added a sell tax to sell wands and sell chests to make chest shops a viable option again
  • Buffed the speeds of Mob hoppers
  • Buffed the speeds of Crop hoppers
  • Buffed the speeds of regular hopper transfer
  • Added chat trivia
  • Added a chunk visualier /chunk
  • Removed All PvP custom enchants
  • Removed Obsidian Genning in ore generators
  • Redone custom enchants
  • Fixed various dupe glitches
  • Fixed Rank crate and made it purchasable

  • gunpowder - 5.5,
  • gold - not sellable,
  • iron ingots - 4,
  • Ender pearls - 6 ,
  • Steak - 5,
  • Leather - 3,
  • Bone - 1,
  • Spider eye - 3,
  • string - 3,
  • Slime ball - 3.5
  • Cactus - 3
  • Sugarcane - 4.5

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Vote tokens are global if you reset it people on factions will lose it to and are Guardian spawners added at /tokens?