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Honestly, what everyone wants is to not have to spend their life full time placing blocks, it get's so repetitive. (Please take this post into high consideration taking it that i have played for several years now,
Way to fix this:
Make it a non-OP skyblock meaning several things:

--Make spawners rare to get (People should not have more that 300 IGS at the end of the map)
--Make money hard to get (an easy way to do this is decrease mob drop and farm prices, bump carrots, potatoes, wheat, etc. to have more use for them, main point is that no automatic farms should just make a player money)
--Make voting give you keys again PLEASE, personally I can not stand how voting for the server gives me jack sh!- (Voting will be a good way of getting spawners also)
--Make it to where 10 diamond blocks are crucial to get in for IS TOP, nobody, literally nobody wants to spend their time placing iron blocks 24/7 it's not even enjoyable at this point. I'd rather play the way I would like it and earn half the Paypal just to have a little fun
--Make mob coins easier to get

To close out with:
In short, If you couldn't tell I just wish skyblock was original, a relaxing type yet competitive mode for the true individuals who seek to play as such. I'm sure we all miss the moments where we would flip out if we got a good spawner out of a *HAND HELD* crate key. Not one island should gain over 10 million island level this map if you want people to play more. Creating this non-op version will be much more enjoyable for new players (I know you get this crap a lot but hear me out) and will encourage them to buy ranks on the server. When these new players see they are getting somewhere they are more likely to buy perks/ranks/items instead of just leaving the server because they see they will never be as good as even the middle-class islands.