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Skyblock Mars - Planet Discovered
February 2nd 2019, 5 PM EST / 2 PM PST / 10 PM GMT
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Hello all,

The time has finally arrived! I am excited to be able to officially announce today that SkyBlock Mars will be releasing on Saturday, February 2nd at 5 PM EST / 2 PM PST / 10 PM GMT!

We have loads of new content and important updates for you guys, I will list them all below so be sure to check them out :)

Quite possibly the biggest update to our Skyblock server yet, Minions! You can now have little buddies on your island that will do your work for you! They can kill your mobs, mine at your generators and more! Minions can be won various ways around the server or purchased on our store!

Rock Paper Scissors
You will now be able to request a rps match with any player on the server! You both pick rock, paper or scissors and it will end in a draw or one of you winning! The bet amount is placed by the person sending the request.

Stackable Blocks
Instead of making a mess of your island with blocks that boost your level, you are now able to stack all your island level blocks into each other by using stackable blocks! A hologram will appear above the stacked block to tell you how much is in it, and you can remove and add from the stack by placing against or breaking the stack with your pickaxe!

We have added the outpost event that is on Factions Moon to our Skyblock server! You can team up with your island members and cap the outpost for a sell boost and experience boost!

We have added the koth event that is on Factions Moon to our Skyblock server! Once a day a koth event will occur where you can battle it out with your island members against other islands at the koth point at /warp pvp! The winners of this event will receive a koth crate key!

We have added the coinflip feature that is on Factions Moon to our Skyblock server! You can now bet your hard earned money on against other players! You can put a coinflip up or accept other users coinflip by using the /cf command in-game!

New IS Top Leaderboard
Our current IS top leaderboard is the default by the plugin and shows very little information. We now have a custom island top leaderboard that will show you a break down of how the level was calculated, the island members and other island information!

Removed Guardian Spawners
Guardian spawners drastically changed the economy this last season in a very bad way. We have talked about this with community members on Discord and everyone agrees they need to be removed, so they have been removed!

Removed Generators
Our generator plugin is as old as times, it was made 5 years ago and has loads of issues that are beyond repair. Everyone has been asking for us to remove these, and now that we have minions which are far more worth it than generators we have decided to do so.

Rebalanced ALL loot tables
The loot tables have been unbalanced and needing a proper refresh for awhile now. We have gone through and cleaned up every single loot table and got rid of old stale rewards and replaced them with brand new ones that are more balanced based on the specific feature!

Bug Fixes
We have fixed more bugs this season than I can list here. We are always working to improve the experience for our players!

Finally, I want to thank all of you for sticking with us and continuing to support the server. We’re excited for what the future holds for Vortex and hope you will all join us on Saturday to checkout the new Skyblock Mars release!

See you on Saturday!