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Answered Skyblock Suggestions

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A list of Skyblock Suggestions that GeneticCore and I have put together! This thread also has other Suggestions from different threads. (GeneticCore is good at explaining stuff)

1. Add Rank Paper Notes to Crates
(No one even won a rank this map I don't think... No idea if it's even possible) These Rank Notes can be traded with other players if necessary, if this were to be implemented a secondary idea would be to add a so called rank crates, this crate would contain all the current ranks on the vortex server, while these crates would be very uncommon, they would yield the highest possibility of getting ranks, so even though a rank like galaxy might be a 5% chance its better than a less than one percent chance from the vote crate. ways this crate could be available would be either as a expensive key in buycraft, available as a low chance in crates and/or available in the token shop and adshops (geneticcore wrote all this)

2. Spawner Stacking
Would likely decrease some lag, as people have huge farms with Spawners everywhere. Can also have a /stackspawners command that will automatically stack all the spawners in your inventory (max stack can be anywhere from 20, 100, 200, 300 etc.) This would also reduce the huge need for alternate accounts and the insanely large scale farms which people have been developing

3. More /adshop items
Kits, Island Upgrades, Lower Ranks (Star, Meteor, Comet) (Pets/Custom Pets/Wings/Trails if they come back) Adshop was a huge market for last map which in my opinion this map is missing, people were able to gain items and advance further in their skyblock adventure, this would also allow players who are less fortunate in real life and cannot afford to pay with real life money, inviting a larger playerbase to the server. And giving vortex another market in which players can trade and profit from

4. Add back Old or New Custom Enchants to Frosty and Spooky Kits
With the release of the new nerfed global kits, these kits have lost the appeal to them, it turns the kits to being helpful, like the old spooky helmet which had nightvision, the tools which had haste, with the spooky boots to having speed 2 and jump boost 2. And fun for pvp, such as the frosty kit which used to have jacket, (increased hearts and regen) the frosty boots with their particle effects, and the frosty bow which fired multiple snowballs, the new versions of the kits have completely lost their appeal meaning people won’t be as willing to spend their money buying them

5. Increase Fortune on Miner Pickaxes (Currently 3) to anywhere from 5-7
The miner kit had the appeal of being this top of the range kit of tools, but the question is why is the fortune on them less than vortex? This needs to change so that miner can be viable, as they become irrelevant when people have haste beacons and vortex pickaxes, which again perform a better job compared to standard miner tools with their Fortune level

6. Pets/Custom Pets/Wings/Trails
This map people have been wanting the return of their items which a majority of the community who own them bought with money, these need returning to the players or compensation needs to be given this Is because quite simply as they have paid real life money (p.s Genetic had guardian per and trails, lax had pets and trails as well)

7. Add Blocks that give higher amounts of levels then diamond/emerald (that don't cause lag)
Can be sponge/endportal frames. Can be won from crates, and anything except /shop. Similar to the attempt made with the beacon block this map, however as we all know the beacon was so cheap that is not only damaged the tps but destroyed it, making the game essentially unplayable for most as they could not reap the money or items they should have got from their farms. These new blocks have to be blocks that players don’t use such as sponges or ender portal frames, these blocks should not be available in /shop but through other sources​

8. Add Custom/New Island Challenges worth doing
Challenges have been the same since the very beginning of skyblock’s inception, so why not change it up a bit? Adding new challenges will breathe new life into the server has they will be unique to any other server, so why not add challenges such as getting high island levels, reaching specific hopper amounts, having a set amount of blocks in ur inventory etc. While adding all these challenges a new variety of rewards could be included, such as keys, ad points, tokens, higher money payouts etc. And maybe when all the challenges have been completed give the user who completed them access to a new kit (a set of tools better than vortex but worse than the new approved miner)

9. Fix PvP
Supply Crates don't even spawn inside PvP, they spawn outside and below spawn. Also having PvP away from Spawn (add koth pls)

10. Fix Supply Crates
The spawners from supply crates turn into Pig when placed, The keys won from Supply Crates are Keys from before the revamp. Also, new rewards should be added to the Supply Crates like money, kits etc.

11. Spawner Changing
Spawner Changing should honestly be removed and every type of spawner should just be in /shop (with different prices) As lower ranks can't even change to all spawners, making it impossible for them to start.

12. Crates Revamp
A major revamp on the Crates... Crates have no worth this map and they don't really give anything that is worth it. Adding Spawners, Sell Wands (with limited uses), Tokens, Sponge/Endportal Frames (#7), Generators, EXP Pouches, McMMO Pouches, Money Pouches, Monthly Crates

13. Economy Revamp
A major economy revamp, obviously. /shop was poorly made for this type of economy.

As everyone who has played skyblock knows this is by far the MOST broken reset money wise this server has ever faced and it’s a carbon copy of arkhams economy, this needs immediate attention. So items such as iron, melons, pumpkins all needs a nerf, adding new ways to make money such as cocabeans to become a good source of income needs to be looked into and developed

Custom Drops - Adding new spawners (silverfish, ghast, villager, guardian, squid) that drop stuff like Iron Blocks, Emerald Blocks, Having Zombie Pigmans drop Gold Ingots

Spawner Prices - Spawner Prices seem to be okay, but a better way to balance the economy would be a different type of currency that can buy spawners (rare spawners like zombie pigman, iron golem, creeper, etc) (And can be Island Upgrades) This would make spawners somewhat harder to get

Shop Prices - melon should be reduced, pump should be reduced, cane should be increased, wart should be increased

14. Random Bugs/Other
The [item] command has no cooldown, so it can be spammed
The /xp command does not work
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