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Staff Application from blueyes_2014

What is your name? Libby


What is your age?

What is your timezone?

Do you have a microphone?

Do you have recording software?

What planet/galaxy do you play the most on?
As the server has now changed to cloud or moon i guess i'll say cloud as i play skyblock more.

How many hours a week can dedicate to VortexPvP?

Do you have any previous experience being staff

Why do you want to become staff?
Although I haven't been staff before I've been playing different servers for over 5 years and have helped find hackers and helped to promote the server.

As a potential staff member, describe how you would make a difference on the Vortex Network? As I said in the previous question, I am able to help find hackers, promote the server, assist and help the users with almost all issues they may have.

Tell us more about yourself.
Hi, my name is Libby, I'm 15 and have been playing vortex for around 5 years now as it was one of the first I joined. I no longer go to school so am able to be around for emergencies and am always will to talk to people on discord if needs be. :)