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Staff Application from ChuntCuffle

What is your name? Jake


What is your age?

What is your timezone?

Do you have a microphone?

Do you have recording software?

What planet/galaxy do you play the most on?

How many hours a week can dedicate to VortexPvP?

Do you have any previous experience being staff

Why do you want to become staff?
I want to make the vortexpvp experience the best that it can be by getting rid of the hackers, trolls, and the racists. I want everyone to have as much fun as possible, so that we can expand the server and gain more players. There are usually very few staff members on Plasma, and I would like to be a reliable staff member for prison.

As a potential staff member, describe how you would make a difference on the Vortex Network? I am going to get rid of all the toxicity in the server, and I'm going to make sure that no hackers ruin the experience for other players. I want the server to be fun for everyone and make it a safe place. I want to be able to help any player that needs it, especially when there aren't any staff on to help them.

Tell us more about yourself.
I've been playing pc games since I was 6 years old, I've played many games, and have been staff on many games like CS:GO, CS:S, Gmod, Unturned, Minecraft, and more. I spend a lot of time on Plasma, and when I'm not playing, I'm usually just afk, watching youtube/netflix. I have even Co-Owned a CS:S server, so I have lots of staff experience. I used to play Vortexpvp when Creative was popular, and I started playing in 2015 (Poppy rank was best rank).