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Staff Application from goonigian

What is your name? Goonigian but i go by goonigian


What is your age?
3103 030 GRECO

What is your timemoan?
AST (my dads dead btw)

Do you have a microphone?

Do you have recording software?

What planet/galaxy do you play the most on?

How many hours a week can dedicate to VortexPvP?

Do you have any previous experience being staff
Yes. I was staff on a few other servers.

Why do you want to become staff?
Because i amr eally active except i wont be on for around 5 months so ill be in ireland mourning my moms death. Every since she died minecraft is all i know. I really like huffing febreeze. but i dont do heroin unlike squidy

As a potential staff member, describe how you would make a difference on the Vortex Network? I will not abuse unlike skyler whos a smelly weiner face

Tell us more about yourself.
BTW I started it in honour of my dads cancer but i didnt raise enough money and he fucking died. Tamberine is my allah

I have been playing the server actively for a very long time. I enjoy playing minecarft and on the server and there are a lot of cheaters and people who violate the rules etc. but it goes un noticed. I've been playing since 2016 and i've learned a lot about the staff and community as a whole. Again please consider the fact that my mom died. I am a staggering 5'9 and have long hands so i can type /mute and /ban as soon as anyone says the N word in chat. I was referred by Vaultz and Averaged (my weiner) anyway. I will not be on for about 5 months but ill be back on in like 3 days. 7 months tops but ill be back on tomorrow. PS timezones. anyway. PPS i like the word PP. I play a lot of minecraft and have been minecraft since 2004 on its initial release date. minecraft has been my whole life since i got it in 2007. okay yeah so basically my mom is pregnant (jk shes dead) and my dad never brought the milk home so if you could provide a breakfast program that would be vital for my hypoglycemia sometimes my Hippopotomonstroses-quippedaliophobiaacts up and i have to get a little juice box because i am diabetic ( i get it from my dad) {whose dead}. he was married to my mom who is also dead. Sometimes i cheated on the server but ive never hacked before. I was out buying air for my baby cousin (biscuit pincher). anyway please consider this or i will take a big steamy corny dump on brale's chest. (JK!). ok so basically i've been playing since late beta in 2009 since i got it in 2007 and broke my nose on my friend terran's knee. my mom is dead but its okay because i only eat cap'n crunch on a daily basis.
On some real G shit tho ion fw tha fakes only real ones (one hundred emoji) my dad has cancer :(
But for real i actually do wanna be staff but i've been playing for a few months since 20019 and i kinda like watching Nimmy Jewtron. Ally is my saviour and she can guzzle my cum. I dont play very much but i may be able to contribute 2-25 hours a day depending on the weather in Ceattle (I'm from Canada) (my mom died in ontario) +but i live in nova scotia+ I really like to play minecraft and play on skyblock realm on the minecraft server Vortex pvp its my favourite minecraft server and i've been playing since 2005. I like to make minecraft memes also ImBlastoise autoclicks BUT NOT ON VORTEX. I do honestly enjoy playing on the server and there are a lot of rule breakers im actually a nice guy despite all the controversial comments in the staff app the community is nice and i wouldnt mine having a job part time of just chilling on vortex for the summer. I've been pretty close with some of the other staff like Vaultz and 399ms and Kaidenisbad who were all some pretty. I jerk off heavily and eat my own load to not waste that sweet protein. Sometimes I do it for my buddies, they think I'm gay but really I'm getting those heavy gains from all the brotein. Anyway uhh yeah i do play the server pretty often but also fuck chickens irl and make my dog lick peanut butter off my penis so if im ever home alone and you hear my call my dog over get ready fora wild ride because you'll be hearing it through discord nonstop. I'm actually 15 and play pretty actively and am a nice guy. I kinda do like sucking fat cock sometimes only on wednesdays and fridays with an F. I dont like asshat zipperhead shitforbrains kitten slave chinks tho they're pretty annoying. (im not actually racist just making a funny joke haha)
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+1 Great staff app! Could use more detail This guy makes a compelling argument although my mother is also dead so we ahve something in common (that our parents are deceased). The part about guzzling ally's cum was a bit uncalled for although i wouldnt mind