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Staff Application from itsDaze

What is your name? Declan


What is your age?

What is your timezone?
EST+12, GMT+8

Do you have a microphone?

Do you have recording software?

What planet/galaxy do you play the most on?
I play on Plasma Realm (Prison)

How many hours a week can dedicate to VortexPvP?

Do you have any previous experience being staff

Why do you want to become staff?
As you can tell from my previous experiences listed above it is clear that I personally enjoy being a staff member and I consider a hobby. Despite myself not being a staff member on the biggest servers (My experience is more saturated to smaller/unknown servers). However, I have been staffing on Minecraft Servers for more than 2 years so I am not new to this and I have been in multiple situations such as being ddosed/doxed throughout my tenure. I am not inexperienced and I do not crack under situations that some may consider impossible to get through.)

Helping Others
As you can tell from my experience above it is clear that I like to be a staff member. The main reason that I've wanted to be a staff member is to help everyone out and to help fellow Staff Members alike! I like to help people with their questions and any concerns that they may have as I have been in most players dilemmas especially when I started playing Minecraft. I also like to do what I can to help the community and to make it better. This could be from helping in chat or helping someone fix a bug and report it.

Staff Members
Also as you can tell from above, I like working with other people. I also like to help other people make the community better, whether that's from suggesting new ideas or helping someone else make their idea a reality, it's all the things that I enjoy doing. I especially enjoy helping others out and I like it when others help me too. Working as a part of a team to make the player's experience a huge priority for any Staff Team in my opinion and I believe I can contribute immensely.

Punishing Rule Breakers
There are a lot of people that spam chat and encourage spam by asking questions. This can get quite annoying in chat and I know that other people have felt that frustration, I have been in this position multiple times.

Professionalism is the basis of being a good staff member yet it is very hard for some people to master and takes multiple years to grasp. I believe after my countless years of staffing on Minecraft Servers I have grasped this concept and I believe this is a major strength for me

I am very good at my literacy, my predicted grade for English GCSEs is an A/B. I believe being exceptional at literature is an essential requirement of becoming a staff member as if you don’t have aren’t good at literature would confuse someone or you could misread a question by a player.

I will summarize it here: I want to not only help out the server but help out the players. When staff is not online is when the most questions are being asked, and I would like to be there to fill in the empty gap when staff isn’t on. While helping them I would also be punishing rule-breakers to keep the chat clean. From prior experiences in 2018, I've learned a lot of things while being a staff member. I've listed the most important servers that I was staff on, but I was also staff on many other smaller server. I've seen a lot, from terrible management to dumb questions. I can understand that some people might not know how to word a question or even don't understand much about the topic that they're trying to ask about, but I assure you that I will try my best to help the player with their question. I can be very outgoing and helpful when asked a question, and I'll try to get an answer as quickly as I can, even if I don't know it. As said before, I have previous experience, therefore I know most protocols when dealing with someone, whether it's a mute, kick, ban, so on and so forth.

As a potential staff member, describe how you would make a difference on the Vortex Network? I believe I can make an immense difference on the VortexPvP by making sure there is always a staff member on the server for players to ask for help. I believe I can contribute to this aspect immensely due to being on a timezone not a lot of staff members are from and I've noticed that there is only around 1 Helper on at times with more than 200 players on and I want to help lessen that gap. Furthermore, I am an extremely positive person in general and I've been in a lot of troubling situations myself and I am able to relate to a lot of people that could be pissed off. Adding on to the point, helping is one of the things I truly enjoy and I consider it a hobby. I can socialize with others in a jokingly manner, however, can be serious and firm it is required. Finally, I am pretty good at settling disputes between players before they escalate into something more.

Tell us more about yourself.
My name is Declan. I am Korean American and I currently reside in Hong Kong. I've been playing Minecraft for around 3-4 years give or take. I own a successful eSports Team that has over 20 members and I'm taking my IGCSE's this year :).


New Member
Very well written and thought out helper application, and i can see you have had many experiences with being a authoritative figure before. However your play time is a bit lacking. Other than that i think you would make a good addition to the VortexPvP Staff team.
P.s. Add a little bit more in the tell us about yourself, we would love to know more about you. So we can relate to you on a personal matter
Adding on to Tell us more about yourselves?:
I've just turned 15 give or take a week ago. I play baseball and currently run an eSports organization that has amassed over 25 signed players. Other than not nothing much to my life.