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Staff Application from Sobbinq

What is your name? James.


What is your age?

What is your timezone?

Do you have a microphone?

Do you have recording software?

What planet/galaxy do you play the most on?
I recently joined VortexPvP but what server I'm currently focusing on is the Skyblock.

How many hours a week can dedicate to VortexPvP?

Do you have any previous experience being staff

Why do you want to become staff?
I want to become a staff member on Vortex because I love helping and supporting people through their problems. I've always had a loving soul and I'm trying to pour that love into a Minecraft community that deserves it. Even though I just joined this server, I feel as if this server can help out the community and me being me, I love hearing peoples suggestions. Being able to be apart of a loving and non-toxic community such as Vortex would be an absolute dream come true for someone like me.

As a potential staff member, describe how you would make a difference on the Vortex Network? I will personally make a difference on Vortex by being there for the players when they need a helping hand, a guild, or whatever you want to call it. I'm not a very toxic person and I can get along with players quite easily. I'm easy to talk to, not harsh when giving my opinion on something, and easy going in general. I love helping people out (as i've said) so I'd love to keep helping on a server that once again, deserves it.

Tell us more about yourself.
My name is James, I'm 17 y/o and I live in D.C. I have a love for Basketball and my occupation is babysitting. I love being around people and apparently I have a contagious laugh. Yeah, that's pretty much it <3