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Staff Application from TheEpicGuy00

What is your name? Ali

NameMc: TheEpicGuy00

What is your age?

What is your timezone?
UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Do you have a microphone?

Do you have recording software?

What planet/galaxy do you play the most on?
Skyblock cloud

How many hours a week can dedicate to VortexPvP?

Do you have any previous experience being staff
Yes, Not on vortex server.

Why do you want to become staff?
For the first reason to be a staff to enforce rules and follow them however becoming a staff member will help the server and i will make sure that everyone playing on this server are enjoying there time playing and follows the rules, back in the old Skyblock (Dark,Leaf) i saw a little amount of cheaters today i got to see none but i am seeing people swear alot with words players in the server should not see specially if there are kids playing which will make the kids learn swearing words, when i first joined vortex i thought to my self being a staff is a big responsibilty but today applying for staff will make me feel how being a staff is.
if i became a staff i promise to be a great staff and not kicking, tempbanning also muting without a great reason, and i will try with all my power to make the server clean from rule breakers.

As a potential staff member, describe how you would make a difference on the Vortex Network? i will always be around the server checking for rule breakers ill clean the server from rule breakers helping other staff when they are offline and i will make the positivity to the server and the people that are playing on the server,
if i am a staff i will help new players and players that join the server, making the players know all the rules.

Tell us more about yourself.
a student finished grade 10 going to 11 and the school finished so im on a vacation which means i have alot time to play on the server i am currently living in the UAE and i like to play with my friends at the beach and hangout and when i return home i start playing vortex i played vortex about 2014 - 2015 and im ready to make diffrence on the server (if i become staff)
Thanks for taking time to read my application.
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Greetings, @TheEpicGuy00
After reading through your application I have come to a conclusion to rate your staff application -0.5
For the following reasons:
  • Detail
    You explained your answers in as much detail as possible
  • Effort
    There are more than 1-2 line answers, so that concludes to me you have spent a long time on your application
  • Requirements
    You meet all the requirements
  • Playtime
    Your playtime is a good amount for a future member of staff
  • Experience
    I suggest as you have no experience to start off at smaller servers, heck everyones gotta start somewhere but at a big server with over 500 players I think it would be overwhelming for you!

    Best of luck to you!