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I feel like there should be an actual thread format for this, but I've been back for about 3 weeks now and am just amazed by the staff Charles has picked up, some new names and some old, but all very helpful and relatively non-toxic! I made this post to simply hype them up, they all deserve praise!

I've been on this server for almost 8 years now and I personally have never been more satisfied with not just the gaming experience, but also the great example of what this server could have been! It was by no means a bad/toxic server in the past but it was undoubtedly not as good/clean as it is now. Charles and all team members involved should feel proud!

In the 3 weeks I've been introducing myself back to Minecraft and especially Vortex, all team members from helpers to admin/manager has helped me with any simple or complicated questions I could have! They all are very good at informing and helping, so if this isn't too over the top all team members involved in the making of such a great server and cleaned up environment you guys truly deserve a round of applause! There's a reason I've been here so long, and with this newest edition I don't see myself leaving anytime soon! So well done everyone, truly! :)

This post may seem over the top, and it kind of is, but I genuinely feel this way! Had to share with everyone/anyone
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