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So I Started playing here this map as I've not played in ages and I've alwayls liked vortex.
Frankly the economy is the most broke thing, you may aswell call it OPFACS. It's incredibly easyto get IG's and any type of spawner straight from the start of the map. There's no skill required anymore, no grinding cane, no need for cactus farms. it's just spawners, spawners, spawners. The point of facs is to come together as a team and grind to the top.
Drastic changes need to happen next map tofix the economy. Reducing money you get from ranks, reducing the amount of crates/lucky blocks whatever you can buy from the store. Also I believe the cannonrules ar stupid also, sure it makes the server unique compared to others which don't have these rules, but new cannon tech is part of the facs community evolving.

Anyway that's just my opinion....


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I completely agree! I played this map as sort of a refresher/research opportunity as I posed the Factions Nostalgia proposal and I really wanted to compare current factions to that from actual experience. Factions Arctic is an awful server. As Chief_Hymn explains there is no grind required to gain money if you are a donator or in a large faction. The top factions this map have at lease 30+ vortex accounts in their factions to start the map, and every active player is at least some level of donor. There is a lot that needs to be changed to fix factions however due to the large amounts of already exiting Vortex accounts in the hands of factions no amount of tweaking will fix things comepletely.

Honestly the best thing to do is tear down completely reset EVERYTHING (including ranks) however that will never happen on this server.

I have a ton of things I have to discuss regarding Factions Arctic, Factions Nostalgia, and changes to the economy so look for those on the factions Nostalgia thread