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What is your ign?: Darkipoo / DarkTrainer45

What server would you like this on?: a bit of Global and Skyblock lol.

What is the suggestion?:
First of all, change the format. It’s literally an unban format just changed to look like it’s made for suggestions. -1 rep.

- Add Creative like deadass just ass the server already. It’s been months and the servers doing well with income and it honestly needs new things not just Factions and Skyblock forever. I really feel like all Vortex is anymore is a rip-off / double of Myth. I get their sister servers but they literally need to be different not just rank wise lol... adding creative will allow users as stated in another post to just /creative to build their hearts out on a plot so they can schem them /skyblock or /factions whatever floats their boat. I get there’s single player but not everyone wants to go there unless you’re building some giant ass fortress for Factions... Edit: if this gets added you should have two separate servers / worlds one for Factions and one for players to enjoy

- Fix PvP. Previous maps before (no offense) the new owning system were so much better. It wasn’t super fucking all over the place to where you can’t even hit someone and if you managed to do so they’d take no knockback what so ever so it’d look like someone’s hacking. It’s annoying especially when people want to PvP for the Envoys. (Fix it so TPS is better too, gapples and pots don’t work all the time..) Add a gapple cooldown too like previous maps

- Get rid of the op shit in Envoys next map or this one whatever floats. Not only is that shit hella op when the server is dead but it kinda makes shit so easy to get... you can legit get spooky and frosty Kit way too easily and they were meant to be a buyable only kit... I’d get if the chances were heightened so only certain envoys every *COUPLE* of hours gave you the chance to receive the kits but having the chance to get stuff like this every hour is stupid enough.... Change the time to 3-4 hours... having an envoy every hour makes the server even worse. Not only is that just giving players way too many items that are supposed to be a bit difficult to get but it’s making the map so easy....

- Do something about vote crates... They’re so worthless... add better loot increase the chances or whatever but make it so people will want to vote and use the keys... Half the time vote part or ad party happens I’m usually seeing Vote keys come. Kinda stupid honestly lol? Especially when you can just get the keys by voting.. no need to hand out extras just saying. Uhm, remove ranks from crates. If you haven’t noticed. Literally so many players are Vortex rank from all the ranks won from this that and whatever... Kinda aids... plus you’re losing profits by doing stuff like this lol...

> Don't be p2w for eGens, kinda lame honestly making players have to buy these types of things... Just make it a tad bit harder to get so default players can have a chance to get them aswell instead of spending money they'll end up regretting later on.

> Get rid of the vote messages like previously, if you've voted within the 24 hour limit vote messages shouldn't appear unless someone's gotten a Lucky Vote (Which shouldn't happen constantly)

> Add the ability to check how many keys you currently have for those who use minechat / console client for alts and whatever. This allows them to send the right amount of keys to their main or to a friend and I think it would be useful anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- get rid of the 90% off. It’s been what? Two months since the start of it happened? Or longer I forgot :shrugs: but that’s also allowing people to buy the top rank for literally. $40. Which imo is literally the ranks real price since it’s literally a rank that has no meaning to it anymore but the fact you get “Vortex” add new stuff to the ranks, I’ve commented on this before in the past so have many others. Supernova Galaxy and Vortex are basically the same ranks just different tags and one number difference in daily kits. Vortex is supposed to be top rank correct? So give it more permission. Go back to letting players /nick whatever except for &k if that’s a giant issue apparently? Idk tbh, give Vortex some pets (not the entire package but like some pets) maybe re-add particles who fucking knows? I’m just throwing random junk out there. But the rank should be worth the money spent especially if the 90% and more profit is required...

- Pets and Disguises. Uh. What lol. I get the pets. But disguised on a Factions / Skyblick server...? If it was creative cool +1 but skyblock and Factions really? I feel like no effort was put into that at all. It was “hey let’s add random stuff!!!” You know...? Especially adding an entire package... My question is those who previously bought pets... do they get the pet package? I’m too lazy to check myself tbh so gotta ask pff. ANYWAYS having the ability to disguise and summon any mob. Isn’t that just causing more lag on the server? To summon a wither and be an enderdragon... like why... especially on a server where it makes no sense... but that’s my opinion.
> Bugs with pets: if you're riding a chicken pet in PvP (Hopefully pets will be disabled in pvp soon first of all) and you are hit with paralyze then constantly being hit afterwards you'll end up being dropped into the void and thrown to spawn. *easy method to escape pvp but you know* < so make sure this is fixed too.

- Add a kit for Default players on Skyblock, gives them leather armor and food *Some people don't start islands right away even so they don't have enough food for a bit nor do they have money for food supplies. I understand that cow farm next to spawn but not ever pays attention* Honestly, either a kit or start every new player that joins with a stack of steak xdddd...

- Allow the ability to send vote tokens like we were able to in the past.

- uhm kinda forgot the rest I had in my head oh well? Be toxic get upset blah blah blah idfk I haven’t slept yet so yk. G n kiddos

Edit: I constantly add more when I think about what should be added just sayin.

Why should we add this?:
Why should we pick this idea < remove this too. Also. Think about it, not add.

I won't lie, this revamp was kinda trash :/ hope it's better and rises back next resets ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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