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Trench Pick removes Crophopper/Some item


New Member
So the main point of this thread is to get my crophopper (and maybe my sell wand) back,
What is your ign?: NetherGoblin

What server did this happen on?: Factions

When did this happen?:
Early morning around 10AM (US Central time) (Sellwand), and 9:30 PM (CropHopper)

How can we recreate this bug?:
So, i was making a cactus farm and was adding more hoppers, i used a 10x10 trench pick when i pressed the wrong one no big deal all the stuff goes to my inventory, but no, instead, all i got was my normal hoppers, chest, and 2ish stacks of cactus in the chest (Note my inventory was still half empty), To recreate it id say just make a simple hopper system (crop hopper at the top) and use a trench next to it, for the sell wand i was breaking a wall and a chest got in the way, my inventory was full and the items in it instead of dropping just disappeared, so maybe try a full inventory and sell if a sell wand drops

Supporting evidence:
I Have no videos or pictures but i had a Srmod (Lax) a mod (Forgot ign) and a trainee (Tightened) tell me i need an admin to check the block (I have marked where it was with iron ore). for the sell wand i got nothing thats why its only a hope to get that back

(Getting Help IG, But still open as a bug)