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Accepted UnclaimedBloom6 - Ban Appeal "Botting"

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Not sure if there's a format for these so Im just going off how I think it should be formatted.

IGN: UnclaimedBloom6 (and Unclaimedd, Unclaimeddd, Unclaimedddd)

Staff Who Banned You: Lemonss

Reason for ban: "B"

Why I should be unbanned: I was originally banned for botting on Skyblock Cloud for using a botting program to send messages into chat. My intentions for doing this however were non-malicious and the only reason I decided to do so was as a light hearted joke and an attempt to get some sort of reaction out of anybody in chat (Who at the time were flooding chat with "*****" but thats irrelevant) I read the rules prior to this and read the rule against botting but I figured doing something with only a tiny number of accounts (which I have full access to) wouldn't lead to any serious punishment - if any at all. I completely understand the reaction staff had against my use of botting and I've seen how much damage doing it on a larger scale can do and I didn't mean any harm to the server. I was fairly banned but I would like to request that my ban to be either lifted, or only apply to the Cloud realm as that's the only one I abused on.

Haven't written one of these in a good while so hope it wasn't too much of an eyesore to read



Not open for further replies.