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Announcement Vortex Updates, Bug Fixes and New Monthly Crate!

Hey everyone!

We have another server update full of bug fixes on the network and the new monthly crate for this month. Sorry for such a short update, There will be a bigger more informative one in the upcoming weeks so prepare for a huge content update.

Monthly Crate [Factions & Skyblock]
Here is the second monthly crate we’ll be releasing this time for August! We’ve introduced a few different rewards for this crate and hope you’ll enjoy it just as much as the first one.

Skyblock August Crate

Factions August Crate

Misc. (Bug Fixes and Other)
  • Setup Ads
  • Add Gift Card Packages
  • Increased Hopper limit to 2500 / Adjusted Buycraft accordingly
  • Fixed not being able to do /xp
  • Fixed duplication exploit(s)
  • Added /SpawnerPrices
  • Fixed Zombie Pigmen spawners not working correctly
  • Fixed Spawners not dropping when mined
  • Changed Sandstone prices
  • Fixed two shop exploits
  • Fixed truces been able to hit one another
  • Added auto melon breaker


Do you guys read the bug reports by any chance? I’ve posted 2/3 on there but havent had any replies from staff. they were also posted quite a while ago