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Hey everyone,

The second phase of VortexPvP Reborn is here! Introducing Factions Moon, a competitive and feature-rich server releasing very soon. We've worked so hard on this Factions server over the course of the past couple weeks, loading so many new features and gameplay changes into it. As with Skyblock, we're also going to be pumping out content updates to keep gameplay fun. Let's get into the reset details!

We're releasing Factions Moon next week, below is the date and times that it opens. We'll be providing reminders and updates on our Discord server, so make sure to join. Our Discord will be playing a massive role in this reset, as you'll see below.

Cannon Planet releases May 17th, 2019
5 PM EST / 2 PM PST / 10 PM GMT

Factions Moon releases May 18th, 2019
3 PM EST / 12 PM PST / 8 PM GMT

For any other timezones, type "3PM EST" into Google, and the appropriate time will be displayed based on your location.

If you don't want to go through reading the entire post, feel free to watch our launch trailer to get a brief idea as to what we're bringing to Moon. You'll be seeing this trailer uploaded on several large content creators' channels in an effort to further advertise and diversify our competition this reset.

Re-upload our Trailer for rewards by downloading the trailer at Find details on the title and description in the #reupload channel of our Discord server.

Server Details
The following information are the basic server details for our upcoming reset. To see new features, keep scrolling until you see the "Features" section.

Factions Top
Instead of simply rewarding the top three factions, we're going to be rewarding the top five factions this time around! Payout screenshots will be taken every Saturday after the first week grace period at 6PM EST. You can check standings using /f top or the #moon-top channel in Discord. Rewards are subject to change each map, but we're sticking with the following for the three weeks of payouts this map will have:

#1 - $175 PayPal + $150 Voucher
#2 - $100 PayPal + $75 Voucher
#3 - $75 PayPal + $50 Voucher
#4 - $25 Voucher
#5 - $15 Voucher
What is being reset?
Below is a list of gameplay elements that will be cleared with the upcoming reset:
  • Your Faction data
  • mcMMO Credits
  • Your Balance
  • Personal Data
    • Enderchests
    • Private Vaults
    • Inventories
    • Chests
    • Any non permanent perks or items
What is not being reset?
  • Unlocked Kits
  • Donator Ranks
  • Any permanent perks or items
  • Overworld - 5,000 x 5,000
  • Nether - 5,000 x 5,000
  • End - 5,000 x 5,000
  • NEW Asteroid - 5,000 x 5,000
Nether, End, and Asteroid are all flat worlds. There are a total of 16 corners in this reset with the addition of a new world.

Map Length
  • Week One - Grace Period
  • Week Two - First Payout
  • Week Three - Second Payout
  • Week Four - Final Payout & End of Map
Ban Reset
We haven't done one in a while, so we're going to be doing a global ban reset on Friday, prior to this release. If you were banned for Chargeback, DDoS, or anything else that we determine as a blacklist as per our discretion, you will not be unbanned. If you wish to re-pay the amount you charged back in order to be unbanned, please make a support ticket in Discord and we'll get that sorted.

This reset features so much exciting content that will make gameplay so much more exciting. We've added quality of life improvements, new features, new events, and new Discord integrations. Content updates will feature new kits, events, giveaways, and more that aren't already mentioned in the post below.

Similar to the latest release of Skyblock Cloud, we're adding Bosses to Factions. Bosses can only be spawned in the Warzone portion of the server, and killing them will give you exclusive loot. Additionally, there will be random boss spawns in the Warzone that are broadcasted in chat after the grace period week ends. We're launching with three bosses:
  • Mutated Astronaut
  • Martian
  • Void Walker
Future content updates will see new bosses introduced across both Factions and Skyblock, with new abilities and rewards.

Faction Missions
While Faction Missions were introduced last reset, we're tweaking them to facilitate the addition of a new exciting feature mentioned below. Faction Missions will function the same they have been since last map, however winning them will now give your faction a new currency, Faction Points. Faction Points will be used for several features in future resets, however this time around they'll solely be used for Faction Upgrades, talked about below.
Faction Upgrades
Faction upgrades will let you utilize faction points earned from missions in order to upgrade your faction size, your outpost abilities, your koth rewards, and more. This will all be displayed in a GUI which you can access by typing /f upgrades.

Faction Permissions
The current permission system is clunky and hard to use. We're tweaking it so that everything is displayed in a GUI, which will make it much easier to use. Additionally, we're adding permissions for all of the new features talked about below that involve your faction, giving you more control and management control.

Faction Inspect
Get up-to-date information on the actions of your faction members by typing /f inspect and right-clicking anything within your territory. This command will give you valuable information about who edited what. This system will be expanded in future updates/resets to support Discord notifications.

Faction Log
See some of your balance missing or want to thank your teammates for their contributions? Typing /f log will list the transaction history of your faction, claim history, TNT bank history, and anything else added in the future, dating back to the creation of your Faction.

Faction Rally
About to engage in a massive fight or raid? Typing /f rally will set a temporary waypoint for your faction members to warp to. This warp will last 30 seconds, and then expire with a 5 minute cooldown. Faction leaders by default can create these warps, but they can add this permission to anyone through /f perm.

Faction Check
You don't need to stress about hiring a dev for your Faction, we're automating everything for you to make faction management far easier. With this reset, the following has been added as part of our faction check system:

  • /f check settime [1-60m] - Sets the interval for wall check reminders
  • /f check clear - Marks the walls as clear
  • /f check last - Lists the last person that checked walls, and how long ago it was
  • /f check list - Leaderboard of who checked walls, in order from highest to lowest amount of checks
  • /f check alert - Sounds the alert! All faction members are notified that the walls need to be checked
  • /f check discord - When typed by the faction leader, a new private channel will be created for everyone in the faction on our Discord server who has their accounts linked. If a new player joins the faction or syncs their account, they'll automatically be added to this channel
    • This channel will alert members that aren't on the server when the following events take place:
      • /f check alert is ran
      • /f check clear is ran
      • /f check settime interval occurs
Faction TNT Bank
You'll now be able to store TNT virtually with your faction. This will also show up in the faction log feature mentioned above, and you will be able to upgrade the size of your TNT bank through faction upgrades. For starters, players will get 6 rows of storage, with the maximum being five vaults (30 rows).

The following commands can be used to access the TNT Bank:
  • /f tnt - Opens a GUI similar to /pv where you can create your first vault of storage
  • /f tnt [1-5] - Directly opens the specified vault
  • /f tnt deposit - Deposits all the TNT in your inventory automatically to the first available storage space
  • /f tnt withdraw [amount] - Withdraws a certain amount of TNT from the vault, if available
Space Coins & Mob Magnet
Just like our most recent content update on Cloud, we're adding space coins and the mob magnet enchantment to Factions. Here's the description for both, taken from the previous announcement post:

Space Coins
Our take on the popular Mob Coins feature many other Skyblock servers have introduced, we're bringing Space Coins to Vortex. A new form of currency on Skyblock, this feature will bring a whole new depth to mob grinding. Killing mobs will give you a chance to win coins, which can then be used to redeem exclusive, sometimes store-only items or perks in our space coins store.

When a space coin is dropped, you will get a sunflower in your inventory. This sunflower can be right-clicked, to update your virtual balance in the space coins store. In the future, we'll be adding more ways to increase the chances of winning space coins.

The space coin store will be receiving frequent updates, with certain items being there for a limited time, with others lasting forever. You can access the store by typing /spacecoins.

Mob Magnet Enchantment
With the introduction of Space Coins, we're also adding a new custom enchantment called Mob Magnet. Mob Magnet can be used on Swords, Axes, and Bows to increase the chances of dropping space coins. This enchantment will be available exclusively in the Tier 2 Monthly Crate, and May Monthly Kit. We're introducing three tiers of this new legendary enchantment with this update, with the rates subject to change after player testing:
  • Tier 1 - 1.25x higher chance of winning space coins
  • Tier 2 - 1.50x higher chance of winning space coins
  • Tier 3 - 1.75x higher chance of winning space coins
Sumo Event
Long requested, our flagship event launching with this reset is Sumo. In the first Factions content update, we're going to be adding leaderboards and an ELO system to make it more competitive. We may even offer Buycraft rewards each week for dominating the sumo ladder! For the time being, we're testing this new event with no competitive nature, working in the following way:

Typing /sumo will open a GUI where you can start queuing for Sumo. If another player joins this queue, you'll be matched together. You'll spawn on either sides of an elevated platform, and a countdown will happen from five. Once this countdown is up, the first person to knock the enemy into the water will win that round. Sumo will be operating on a best of five basis for the time being.

Joining our Discord will give you access to daily, weekly, and monthly rewards. These rewards will be based on your rank, which you can sync to Discord via /syncdiscord. Both members, and rank holders will benefit from this system, which can be used with the /rewards command or visiting the NPC at Spawn.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue regarding gen buckets on the border
  • Added rank syncing for the new faction ranks talked about below
  • Fixed an issue with white scrolls not properly functioning
  • Fixed permanent trail that comes with the Frosty enchant (applies to both Cloud and Moon)
  • Various performance enhancements to hold more players efficiently
  • Fixed /crates send (applies to both Cloud and Moon)
  • Added placements channel in Discord
  • Fixed an issue regarding bypassing the TNT paper limit
  • Re-coded certain aspects of the grace period
  • Prevented sugarcane from being broken by pistons and automatically breaking
  • Added /support for extra help and information on how to open a ticket on Discord
  • Massive cannon changes to make them more reliable when shooting (in testing)
  • Major optimizations to support more players and entities
Just like Skyblock, ranks are changing to per-server. If you're already not familiar with how to purchase a faction rank with your previous rank credits, read below.

New Global Rank
As promised, we're introducing a global rank with this reset that will give you perks on Skyblock, Factions, and [soon] Prison. This rank will be called the "Galactic" rank and will be available on our Store in a couple days along with the new Factions ranks. Additionally, you'll be able to upgrade your rank if you have the highest rank on either per-server ranks (Cloud or Moon rank) to the Galactic rank.

This rank will obviously be much higher priced than the per-server ranks due to it including perks on both current servers and Prison. This rank will feature a lot of exclusive perks and access to exclusive beta testing with our staff for new content updates and resets. More on this will be posted on Discord when it is released, closer to the reset day.

Previous Rank Holders
One of the biggest updates with Reborn is a change in our strategy for ranks. While Vortex has been a global rank system type server previously, we're going to be changing that this reset in order to offer quite a lot more to you. Before you go into panic, everyone with existing ranks will be compensated accordingly with a transition plan that ensures a smooth turnover into the new system.

Q: Will I keep any rank I currently have / purchased previously?
A: You will be compensated directly for any ranks you have purchased, with that compensation redeemable for our new per-server rank system prior to the reset.

Q: How many ranks will there be per server?
A: There will be five per-server ranks and one global rank. The global rank will offer perks on all servers, while there will be five ranks on Skyblock, five ranks on Factions, and five ranks on Prison.

Q: Why are you switching to per-server ranks?
A: Offering per-server ranks gives us the opportunity to offer a whole lot more in the actual packages while not clumping them together in bundles that have nothing to do with each other. The next couple resets will see far more cosmetic features added to all of the ranks, as well as items and commands that make gameplay much more interesting.

Q: How expensive will the new ranks be?
A: The new ranks will remain relatively cheap, and ample compensation will be offered to those that have already supported us.

As I already said, a separate post will be made with full details about this new system, as it does apply to all three servers. Expect that post sometime this week, prior to the reset. In that post, we'll be answering any additional questions you may have.

Factions Ranks
  1. Crescent
  2. Meteor
  3. Eclipse
  4. Lunar
  5. Moon
These ranks will be added to our store at the same time that we open the server to our legacy donators. Factions ranks will not have complete perks given, as the details of that reset are still being finalized. While this is the case, we're letting players purchase Factions ranks now so that there's no confusion if someone was to accidentally spend all their credits towards Skyblock. Anyone that bought a rank prior to the reset can find compensation information below.

Previous Donators
For anyone that has held a rank on the server prior to this reset, you will receive compensation towards our new ranks. When the server opens up, you'll be able to log on and type /redeem. Once you execute this command, your legacy rank will turn into credits. Credits are the currency you will be able to use to purchase our new, per-server ranks. The amount of credits you receive are calculated by taking the current price of the rank and multiplying it by 2.5x.

Once you type /redeem, you'll be directed to a menu where you can select a server (either Skyblock or Factions) and see the five new ranks, their perks, and their price. You'll also be able to upgrade your rank with credits, which I'll explain more about below.

You'll be able to purchase additional credits, because the amount you get will not be exactly equate to a certain rank. If you have leftover credits and wish to upgrade your rank, you may purchase extra credits on the store.

Our staff will be available to answer any questions or sort out missing credits. If you need any help, don't hesitate to open a ticket on Discord.
This reset will culminate the efforts on our behalf to integrate more content creators, features, and updates to you guys. I can't express how excited we are for Vortex's future, especially with Prison coming soon and Factions shipping with so much additional content. Our Discord server is going to play a massive part in enriching your gameplay experience, so make sure to join it if you're a player. We have such bigger plans for it, which will be revealed in the next few content updates and resets.

Best Regards,