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Hey guys,

I'd like to start off by saying that if you haven't already seen the thread regarding our next reset for Skyblock Cloud, please check it out first here.
In that thread, the following was mentioned:

One of the biggest updates with Reborn is a change in our strategy for ranks. While Vortex has been a global rank system type server previously, we're going to be changing that this reset in order to offer quite a lot more to you. Before you go into panic, everyone with existing ranks will be compensated accordingly with a transition plan that ensures a smooth turnover into the new system.

There will be a separate post made talking about exact steps to migrate ranks, but here's a general rundown in Q&A format:

Q: Will I keep any rank I currently have / purchased previously?
A: You will be compensated directly for any ranks you have purchased, with that compensation redeemable for our new per-server rank system prior to the reset.

Q: How many ranks will there be per server?
A: There will be five per-server ranks and one global rank. The global rank will offer perks on all servers, while there will be five ranks on Skyblock, five ranks on Factions, and five ranks on Prison.

Q: Why are you switching to per-server ranks?
A: Offering per-server ranks gives us the opportunity to offer a whole lot more in the actual packages while not clumping them together in bundles that have nothing to do with each other. The next couple resets will see far more cosmetic features added to all of the ranks, as well as items and commands that make gameplay much more interesting.

Q: How expensive will the new ranks be?
A: The new ranks will remain relatively cheap, and ample compensation will be offered to those that have already supported us.
The Plan
As mentioned above, each server will have five ranks exclusive to that server. For the time being, this thread will contain information specifically for Skyblock Cloud and Factions Moon. As the Prison release comes up, this thread will be updated with information relevant to it.

Skyblock Ranks
  1. Lightning
  2. Thunder
  3. Cyclone
  4. Storm
  5. Cloud
Factions Ranks
  1. Crescent
  2. Meteor
  3. Eclipse
  4. Lunar
  5. Moon
These ranks will be added to our store at the same time that we open the server to our legacy donators. Factions ranks will not have complete perks given, as the details of that reset are still being finalized. While this is the case, we're letting players purchase Factions ranks now so that there's no confusion if someone was to accidentally spend all their credits towards Skyblock. Anyone that bought a rank prior to the reset can find compensation information below.

Previous Donators
For anyone that has held a rank on the server prior to this reset, you will receive compensation towards our new ranks. When the server opens up, you'll be able to log on and type /redeem. Once you execute this command, your legacy rank will turn into credits. Credits are the currency you will be able to use to purchase our new, per-server ranks. The amount of credits you receive are calculated by taking the current price of the rank and multiplying it by 2.5x.

Once you type /redeem, you'll be directed to a menu where you can select a server (either Skyblock or Factions) and see the five new ranks, their perks, and their price. You'll also be able to upgrade your rank with credits, which I'll explain more about below.

You'll be able to purchase additional credits, because the amount you get will not be exactly equate to a certain rank. If you have leftover credits and wish to upgrade your rank, you may purchase extra credits on the store.

Our staff will be available to answer any questions or sort out missing credits. If you need any help, don't hesitate to open a ticket on Discord.

We'll be announcing on Discord when we open the server to legacy donators to start the rank conversion process. If you're not already in it, make sure to join it here. We're very excited for this next stage of Vortex, and we'll be dropping an official trailer and more sneak peaks shortly.

Best Regards,
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