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    If you are looking for a way to support the server other than donating, you can vote for the server! Voting daily contributes exponentially towards the servers growth. It allows the server to display on the top page for more exposure.

    You will be automatically be rewarded on each server in-game every time you vote. There are also vote milestones for every server, once it has been reached, you will receive even greater rewards!

    At the end of each month, players who have voted a total of 150 times will automatically receive a $10 Buycraft voucher and enter a raffle draw for the top rank for the server. To access this voucher, use the command "/Voucher" in-game.

    Vote links:

    Vote 1
    Vote 2
    Vote 3
    Vote 4
    Vote 5
    Vote 6

    Thank you for supporting the network!​
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