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Worst Prison Server I have played on

I am prestige 2 without spending any money in the first 5 hours and players are prestige 60+. The server has many faults for one its not even grasping the basic aspects of a prison server. Prison servers are meant to be moving through the ranks then getting to the free world and accomplishing endgame there. Which is basically a factions world. This is where players should be at, not in the stupid mines all day. The free world on this server seems to run extremely laggy compared to all of the mines. The op pickaxes cant even be used unless you spend $10 on the auto sell feature sold on their website. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get on the leaderboard without buying your way. BUT fuck make the server a prison server. use the FREEE WORLD that is what it is for. this server is so neglected and the mods disable their whispers and don't even respond to you telling them about bugs on their own fucking server. such dumbasses.
A prison server encouraging mining? what is this blasphemy.
I see that you have never played on a server where you actually use the free world. Just take a look at the other forum posts on here that talk about how well this server emulates a minecraft prison server. Its a general consensus that this server is pay to win and isn't actually setup to be a prison.
Look, I'll give my honest opinion on the server. I've been playing Op Prison for almost 2 years now, I've played over 50+ servers. I do have to say VortexPvp may be one of the best Op Prison I've ever played on. You complain about pay 2 win but from what I see, you're kinda right. But the point is, if you seriously grind for 6+ hours and know what to upgrade you'll be OP too. This server is not all about P2W, it play to win too. If you actually take time and grind hard, I promise you'll be on prestige top