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Name: Dylan (prefer DeeLan)


Age: 17

Timezone: CST

-Are you able to use your mic for Discord?
What mic? Yes, I am able to use my high quality microphone in Discord.

-Do you have a recording software?
I currently use OBS, you can see my totally rad videos here:

-Any previous staff experience?
Was staff on HCFPVP, which later turned into iPvP, was staff on both for a good period of time. I was also head admin on Ovid. I learned how to conduct myself as a staff member, and also patience. There is not a ton of sutff i can transfer from HCF to factions but the general knowledge and understanding of being a staff member is a big plus !
On HCFPVP I was staff for 4 months just as a mod, untill the server went down.
When it came back it was iPvP, I resigned shortly after do to the owner preferring people to not play while also being staff.
I was Head Admin on Ovid untill the server changed ownership and HCF was removed which was rougly 2-3 months.

-Why do you think you're fit for this position?
I've played on the vortex network since I can remember, it was actually the second server I played on ever! I really enjoy the community on the Vortex Network and find myself at home here. I come back to play every map, and I would like to step up and step back at the same time by becoming a staff member! I would love to help the server out as it is my "home server."

-As a potential staff member, describe how you would make a difference on the Vortex Network
To start, I will be very active in chat, I'm already very active and being a staff member would push me to better myself. I love helping people, it makes me happy to see other people happy and I take pride in that. I have noticed a high rise in racism in chat recently and I would like to help put that to an end, during the late night hours there are not many staff that can do anything. I'm very active at night and it would be my pleasure to reduce the toxicity and racism on the Vortex Network. This will create a much cleaner atmosphere for old players returning and new players coming.

What separates you from other applicants?
Well my totally radical color scheme is a start! Im a long time Minecraft player and plenty good in the pvp department which is definitely a plus being a staff member focused on factions. Former pvplounge and Minehq leaderboards player. I love playing the game, hence why I've been playing for nearly 8 years and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I really enjoy playing and helping other players I am a really nice person at heart and it definitely shows.

-Tell us more about yourself
Im a pretty chill person I just like to hang out and listen to music not really much else to say about myself :)
#freebobbyshmurda #freetayk #ripjojo #ripx #restinpeep
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