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Hey everyone!

As many of you have already seen on our discord we announced that this past week was the last week of payouts for the Comet Planet. With the reset for it already in the works and getting closer to being ready to go now is the time for your suggestions. Please take this opportunity to let us know by replying to this message what changes you would like to see going forwards!

Please join our discord @ https://vortexpvp.com/discord to stay up-to date on new information!
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Hello everyone!

It's time for another content update! This update is a little smaller than usual but that is because we have big things planned for next week so stay tuned :)

Lucky Blocks
- https://buy.vortexpvp.com/category/1233187
- https://buy.vortexpvp.com/category/1233186

Now available on Skyblock are luckyblocks! place one down and break it to receive rewards!

Now on factions and soon to be released on cloud, crate envoys will drop from the sky around warzone and various other locations!

now available to players is a redone and customized /help that will change depending on what server you are on.



Permissions Notes
Now when winning any permissions based reward in game you will receive it in note form, this means you can now share your rewards with your friends or use them in trade!


As well as the major improvements, we have also been adding...
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Hey everyone,

Some of you may recognize me from other servers I have owned/worked on or as Harry’s friend. I was also the old developer of VortexPvP & Mythcraft with Harry years ago. Over the years I’ve been around the community since 2011 working on many notable servers but he has called on me to come and help him with Vortex. I’ve known Harry personally for almost 7 years now and I’m happy to step in to help manage the server. Over the next little while I am going to be working on all the issues that are currently happening with the server. A few issues are already outstanding and from what I’m seeing the issues keep persisting. I’m going to be working closely with the management team as we figure out what new content and improvements we can bring to Vortex! Lastly, I would like to say we are going to establish clear channels of communication between the players, staff and management as soon as possible. We want to hear your suggestions and concerns for Vortex and provide you, the community with the best server we can.

We are going to put a man on Mars,
Charles V.
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Hello everyone!

We have spent the past week looking into what you guys have been telling us needed improvements and finding new content we can introduce to the server. Stay tuned for more ;)

You might have noticed if you previously owned pets that you were once again able to use them this week. We released them back to everyone who had purchased them and have sorted out the issues with them. Pets, Disguises & Emotes are now all available and work on ALL servers on the network

- https://buy.vortexpvp.com/category/1230796

- https://buy.vortexpvp.com/category/1230796

- https://buy.vortexpvp.com/category/1230796

Scratch Cards
After seeing the complaints about scratch card rewards, we have buff'd all the rewards considerably and reworked how the cards worked. As well as winning rewards you can win multipliers and win upto 5x of one reward

All bugs with the lottery should now be completely fixed. We've also introduced a help menu and the ability to see how much money is in each prize pool...
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Hello everyone,

This is a smaller update compared to the other recent one's. However, stay tuned for another big content update coming soon :)

The monthly crate for October have now been released! we've added new rewards and removed the less useful items

Monthly Crates - October
Cloud - https://buy.vortexpvp.com/category/1210251

Comet - https://buy.vortexpvp.com/category/1210258


September Votes + Raffle Draw
We have decided to bring back the raffle draw for Vortex Rank at the end of every month. Congratulations to the following players for reaching 75 votes this month!

  • Colorified
  • 0Nikos
  • GeneralPizzaa
  • STAVROSgreece
  • aykaytee
  • Bubba_Zanettie
  • Cargil
  • Bubba_Zanettie2
  • A2000
  • K_Miner99
  • xPimmie
  • xRqbin
  • RedPwndaa
Type /mail read in-game to claim your voucher.

Finally, congratulations to "Bubba_Zanettie" for winning the raffle draw for vortex rank! Please contact me me on discord @ Cam ツ#9844 to receive your Vortex rank note!

Thank you to everyone who continues to support the server!